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Fast Facts

  • Value Selling Associates has established a global presence, having trained over half a million sales professionals across the world.
  • The company boasts a prestigious clientele, including several Fortune 500 companies.
  • With over three decades of experience in the industry, Value Selling Associates is a seasoned player in business training and development.

In-depth review of Value Selling Associates

Value Selling Associates is a well-established company that provides a variety of services designed to enhance business sales performance. Their team of seasoned consultants and their impressive history of success make them a dependable ally in the highly competitive field of sales training and consulting.

A significant advantage of Value Selling Associates is their all-encompassing method to sales enablement. They understand that effective selling isn't solely about finalizing transactions, but also about fostering robust relationships with customers. Their training programs not only impart sales techniques but also cultivate the interpersonal skills required to engage with clients on a deeper level. This comprehensive strategy differentiates them from other sales training providers and offers their clients a competitive advantage.

Value Selling Associates also demonstrates a strong dedication to customization. They acknowledge that each business is unique and necessitates bespoke solutions. Their consultants invest time in understanding the specific obstacles and objectives of each client, and then formulate training programs that cater to those particular needs. This individualized approach ensures that clients receive the most pertinent and efficient training.

Beyond their training programs, Value Selling Associates provides continuous support and coaching. They recognize the difficulties of implementing new sales strategies and are available to offer guidance and assistance at every stage. Their consultants are seasoned professionals who have experience in various sectors, providing them with a profound understanding of the challenges encountered by sales teams. This knowledge enables them to offer valuable insights and practical advice to their clients.

However, Value Selling Associates could improve their pricing transparency. Although they provide a variety of services, their pricing structure isn't easily accessible on their website. Potential clients might find it inconvenient to request a quote, particularly when comparing multiple providers. Offering more upfront pricing information would simplify the decision-making process for potential clients.

In conclusion, Value Selling Associates is a respected company that provides valuable sales training and consulting services. Their all-encompassing approach, bespoke solutions, and continuous support make them an excellent choice for businesses aiming to enhance their sales performance. Despite the need for improved pricing transparency, their history of success and expertise make them a dependable ally in the competitive world of sales.

Products and Services

  • Value Selling Framework®: A proven methodology for sales professionals to engage with customers more effectively and close deals more efficiently. It provides a consistent process to qualify prospects, identify customer needs, and articulate the value of their solution.
  • ValueSelling Essentials®: An e-learning course that provides a foundation in the Value Selling Framework®, allowing sales professionals to learn at their own pace. It covers key concepts such as prospect qualification, value creation, and effective communication.
  • Vortex Prospecting™: A program designed to boost sales pipeline development. It combines proven prospecting techniques with modern sales technology to help sales teams generate more leads and secure more appointments.
  • ValueSelling Executive Speak™: A program that equips sales professionals with the skills to effectively communicate with executive-level decision makers. It focuses on understanding executive priorities, crafting compelling messages, and delivering high-impact presentations.

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